Denomination: Non-Denominational Baptist (baptistic in doctrine, but not part of a larger denomination/fellowship)

Regular Attenders: 150

Location: Beaumont, Alberta 

The Role: Associate Pastor


About Beaumont Baptist Church

Our church officially launched in May of 2015 and is located in Beaumont, Alberta, just outside the city of Edmonton. We believe it’s our mission to glorify God by passionately and intentionally making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.  Like our community, the age demographic of our church is relatively young. Approximately 40% of those in attendance on a Sunday morning would be in grade 6 or younger. While we have a lot of young parents and families, many other age ranges are represented as well. We have people who have just recently come to Christ, and those who have been saved for years. Philosophically, we stive to encourage growth through spiritual relationships more than through a busy schedule of programs.

About the Associate Pastor

As a member of the elder team, the associate pastor will work closely with the lead pastor and share responsibilities in preaching, teaching, shepherding, counseling, overseeing, administrating, and leading the people of BBC. He will give special focus to the discipleship structures and ministries of the church. He will be heavily involved in pastoral care and shepherding. It is also hoped that he will share in a portion of the corporate preaching ministry.

In relation to the lead pastor and elders, the associate pastor’s role would potentially look something like this:


We believe discipleship should happen on three levels: corporately, in smaller group settings, and one-to-one. While the lead pastor will focus primarily on those realms related to the corporate level of discipleship, the associate pastor will focus on those realms related to smaller group settings. Both will be heavily involved in one-to-one ministry.

The Associate Pastor Will (Key Responsibilities):

  • Implement and oversee discipleship structures and ministries.
  • Equip others to live out and better fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Provide pastoral care, shepherding, and counseling.
  • Preach and teach corporately, as well as in smaller settings.
  • Fulfill other duties as required.

The Associate Pastor Is Not (Some Clarifications):

  • Not . . . a niche pastor: youth, family, worship, etc.
  • Not . . . someone hired to do the work that God has called the people of BBC to do. Rather than taking and owning ministry that should be in the hands of others, he places ministry into their hands and equips them to do it (Ephesians 4:11-13).

What You Bring:

  • Education – Significant theological training is expected. A seminary degree is preferred, but not required.
  • Experience – 3+ years of ministry experience is preferred.
  • Evidence of a God-Given Call to Gospel Ministry Based on 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  • Personal Characteristics: 
    • Strong and genuine walk with God.
    • Passionate about people beginning and growing in their relationship with Jesus.
    • Highly adaptable and flexible.
    • People loving.
    • An equipper and multiplier.
    • A leader and team player.

What It's Like to Live in Beaumont, AB:

Beaumont is a great place to live! It’s vibrant, friendly, and one of the safest cities in all of Canada. You get to enjoy “the small town feel,” of running into people you know at the grocery store, while having all the conveniences and perks of being just outside of a major city. More importantly, Beaumont is a great place to live because it’s full of people who need Jesus.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in applying, please send your resume to