Frequently asked questions

On any given Sunday we have a total of about 120-150 people in attendance. We average around 130. 

Much like Beaumont, the age demographic of our church is relatively young. Approximately 40% of those in attendance on a Sunday morning would be in grade 6 or younger. We have a lot of young parents and families, but many other age ranges are represented as well. We would love to see God bring more people from every age demographic to BBC. No matter how young or old you are, we would love to have you!

Many people assume that because we have Baptist in our name, that we must be part of a denomination, but actually, we’re not. We are a non-denominational baptist church, or an unaffiliated baptist church. By “non-denominational” we simply mean that we are not a member of any denominational body. We recognize that we are part of the greater body of Christ, but believe that God’s will for us is to be self-governing under the Lordship of Christ. We gladly identify as baptist, but we’re not tied to a denomination. 

Our constitution states the following: “As the Head of the Church (Colossians 1:18), Christ governs the local church objectively through Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-4:2), and subjectively through a blend of congregational consensus and representative leadership.” In practice, we have a team of staff and non-staff pastors (or elders) that have been chosen/affirmed by the congregation to provide leadership and direction for the church. While the elders make many decisions, they don’t make all of them, because we are not governed by elder-rule. We believe in what’s often been called congregationalism, which means that there are many decisions in the life of the church that the members have the privilege of making together. At the end of the day, the leadership and members of the church are looking to the Bible as our ultimate guide in decision-making. 

Absolutely, we hope you’ll come! Jesus cares about your messy life and we want to do the same. Many of our lives are messy too, but we’ve learned and are continuing to learn that Jesus is our Hope and Healer. We would love to introduce you to him. 

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